Aug 2, 2019


The AGR team is proud to introduce to you all our new signing, the Contemporary Metal act Xeno. The sound of Xeno can be described as Modern Metal, influenced by all kinds of musical styles. From hardhitting riffs that make you want to bang your head off, to intimate instrumental passages, the band uses what sounds and feels right to them and delivers it with passion.

In words of the band: "As musicians we cannot fully express the rallying feel of being able to say that we are part of the Art Gates Records family. We are honored and feel extra motivated to get the very best out of ourselves. The people of AGR have proven that they are professionals who are well-tapped into the scene, and we can't wait to step into their territory side by side. We know for sure this collaboration is going to be a important part of our future as a band. This step marks a new era for us, filled with lots of unknown places and people. We can't wait to get out there and show you what we've got!

– Ruben, Daan, Sean, Jasper and Edwin

Here's to a long run and a great adventure!"

In words of Iván Magdalena (CEO): "I am quite glad to present the Contemporary act Xeno as the new artist of Art Gates Records. I believe in the power of music and I believe in the possibilities of Xeno to reach new levels. This is the beginning of something huge"

Xeno has released it's first album in 2016, which has received excellent reviews. Since then the band has recruited some new talent and is striving to write even better material. The band is notorious for the intense and powerful live performances. Because of that, they have shared the stage with Voivod, Spoil Engine and Carach Angren, among others. Stay updated for exciting news about their upcoming opus.


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Ruben Willemsen - Vocals, Bass

Edwin Haan - Guitars, vocals

Daniel de Coninck - Guitars

Jasper Bruggeman - Guitars

Sean Lubbersen - Keys

Xeno is a collective being. The bringing in existence of a way of thinking, a heritage. Something new, something out of the blue. Freedom and pride reigns in making music that feels just right. Something you have not seen or heard before. In the origin of metal, Xeno is growing towards their own stubborn direction. The incorporation of a keys-section helps realizing a more theatrical presentation, supported by the character and waywardness of the other bandmembers. The songs take you on an individual journey filled with various grooves, melodies and sometimes rhythms.