Atlas Construct - 2016


1. Intro (1:41)

2. Mundicide (4:56)

3. Gift of God (3:25)

4. Malum (6:45)

5. Construct part 1: Pillars of Perdition (8:28)

6. Construct part 2: Columns of Creation (7:20)

7. Atlas (9:07)

8. New World Disorder (4:19)


Album line-up: Ruben Willemsen (vocals, keyboards), Tim Schaling (guitars, clean vocals), Daniel de Coninck (guitars), Joris van Hemert (bass), Damian de Muijnck (drums).


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Kieboom.


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Album reviews:

3voor12 "Album of the year 2016!" (Dutch)

Progstravaganza "It could be easily said that Atlas Construct forces the limits of the melodic death metal genre."

Metalhorizons "The softer passages are truly beautiful, the heavy parts absolutely slay, and Xeno have a real knack for transitioning seamlessly between the two."

Djent Mag "If you want the good old Lamb Of God with some polyrhythmic progressive riffs, go ahead and give it a push."

Metal Nations Radio "This leaves the listener generally wanting more of this rather unique style of music." 8/10

3voor12 "Het is een visitekaartje met een gouden randje die de ambities van de Zeeuwen goed weergeeft." (Dutch)

Counterculture "Het Zeeuwse vijftal haalt op deze plaat speltechnisch alles uit de kast." 75/100 (Dutch)





Demo songs


2013 - Gift of God (2:39)

2013 - Spastic Drunkard (1:48)

2011 - New World Disorder (4:23)

2011 - Pandemic Of Religion (4:01)




The Seraphim - 2009 - Demo


1. The Seraphim (6:46)

2. Cold Halls (4:10)

3. Burn (4:20)

4. Blindfolded (5:49)


Album line-up: Ruben Willemsen (vocals, keyboards), Mr. J (guitars, bass), Lars van Mourik (drums), Bert van der Zwaluw (guest vocals).